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Add this simple choker style necklace to a white t-shirt or be bold and layer it like all us hipsters are doing. Bonus: it can be doubled as a bracelet.


Make a statement with this perfectly oversized accessory by wrapping up your locks to the utmost transcendence.


It’s a classic. ‘Nuff said.


It’s a classic. ‘Nuff said.

Boyfriend Jersey Vest Boyfriend Jersey Vest
s m l

Your secret is out, labeling things as “boyfriend” gets your attention. Grab this laid-back vest and tables are sure to be turned in the who steals who’s clothes game. 


Girl, the 80’s called, they are snapping your hair accessory choice in a Z-formation. This ponytail holder is sure to be cute on your wrist or pulling your hair back.

GRAB BAG : a Set of 3 beauties

Dahlia Pants Dahlia Pants
s m l

Skip the dress pant, rock up to work in these relaxed playful tapered pants. These pants provide, what we think, an essential wardrobe piece as they effortlessly feature a fun hem detail.


A bit of our brand to decorate your favorite water bottle, phone case, etc! Size: 1”x1”


Funky and edgy, we hope these earrings make you feel a bit like the spectacular rock n’ roll star you have always dreamed of being. 

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