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It’s a classic. ‘Nuff said.


Girl, the 80’s called, they are snapping your hair accessory choice in a Z-formation. This ponytail holder is sure to be cute on your wrist or pulling your hair back.

GRAB BAG : a Set of 3 beauties

Knotted Ring Knotted Ring
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Just a small punch of elegance, this ring is sure to be a showstopper at any event of the year, including your grandmother's 80th birthday party. 


This swirled design adds a special twist to any everyday occasion, like eating ice cream in your leggings for breakfast.


Funky and edgy, we hope these earrings make you feel a bit like the spectacular rock n’ roll star you have always dreamed of being. 


Make a statement with this perfectly oversized accessory by wrapping up your locks to the utmost transcendence.


Giving you all those girl boss vibes, take them out or take them home, these beauties are sure to give your every outfit that little bit of love.


Add this simple choker style necklace to a white t-shirt or be bold and layer it like all us hipsters are doing. Bonus: it can be doubled as a bracelet.


These lightweight hoops are the smooth add-on you have been looking for in order to turn your look from ‘sham’ to ‘bam’! 

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