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Have you ever felt a tug?...a tug deep down inside you...a tug that no matter how hard you try to dismiss it, it doesn’t. go. away. In 2007, a tug such as this settled deep inside my gut.  I was a mom of 3 small children and had no time for what was stirring inside me. Yet, as much as I tried to push it away, 3seams started to form. By scraping $20 at a time off our family’s grocery budget, 3seams started to grow and over the years morph into something that I couldn’t have dreamed up in a zillion years. 

Over the past 10 years we have been the students of culture at 3seams.  Everyday we are learning how to do things better. We are fiercely determined to equip and empower individuals that are reaching for brighter futures. Whether their history is one of extreme poverty, one of exploitation, or one that has their trajectory aimed at one or both, we have passionately come alongside them as partners in business. Our desire is to not become yet another “box” that they feel trapped in, but to be a stepping stone to discovering who they were created to be. 

We are equally passionate about empowering and equipping our customers.  If we can be a nudge that sets you down a path that you are feeling tugged down...yes! If we can educate you and inspire you to embrace ethical fashion as your everyday practice...yes! If we can simply provide pieces of excellence for you wear knowing that you have made a difference in your world...yes!

Our commitment to our artisans: we will continue to be students of your culture...we will continue to provide non-factory environments to work in...we will continue to pay you with fair wages... and we will continue being your encourager & cheerleader as you chase your dreams and change your nations!

Our commitment to our customers: we will continue to bring you ethical and fair trade pieces that fit into your everyday life with ease...full of style, comfort, and joy!

Thank you for being a part of the 3seams journey! Now it’s time to pop on over to the shop and see what has been created...such beautiful souls and talents behind each and every piece. 

Be Passionate. Live Fiercely. Buy Ethical.

Inga Swope - Founder & Director

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