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Frequently Asked Questions

With the fashion industry being one of the worst industries world-wide in reference to fair wages and proper working conditions, the time has come for companies to be held accountable for how they are treating their workers. 3seams is dedicated to producing high-quality garments and jewelry in a form which nurtures its crafters, supplies, and environment.

3seams is committed to being good stewards of the host country we are in by contributing to their economy directly by sourcing all materials responsibly and locally. We carefully source only the best quality fabric and metal, responsibly handling the material from independent suppliers within our host countries. All of our artisans have committed their time to hand making the product with care. Through a process of transparency, 3seams values the principle of sustainable fashion which is created with purpose and intentionality.

By shopping at 3seams, you can be assured that your product is being thoroughly quality checked and packaged in an environment of safety and respect.

Unfortunately we do not yet ship internationally, we ship only within the United States and Canada.

Upon completing your order, we will send you a confirmation email with your tracking number once we ship!

We’d suggest waiting patiently for 3-5 days, after that we are fair gaming for spamming.

Absolutely! 3seams has a variety of retail locations carrying selected products across the United States and Canada along with pop-ups at public events. Skip the hassle of searching on our social media platforms and swing on over here!

We love providing ethically created “swag” for your company. Want more information on what services we provide? Contact us here.

Please review our full return/exchange policy here.

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